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Recruitment policy

In Balajee we ensure that the company attracts and retains the best of professionals available in each of its areas of functioning and provide career plan and succession plan while meeting the growth need of our business and meet the aspiration levels of employees. To focus on the placement of employees in jobs to which they are best fitted physically, mentally and temperamentally, where they have strong expectations of being well adjusted to their work and to the working environment


Recruitment can be only be undertaken against sanctioned strength to be approved by Director at all levels irrespective of any functions/locations (As per Manpower Requisition Format)

 Recruitment activity will be done either to meet the necessary manpower requirement occurring due to:

a. Replacement vacancies (due to resignation/transfer etc.)
b. Additional vacancies (due to new assignment/project or company’s expansion plans)

11Mode of Recruitment

Job posting on the Website: Requirements for various positions may be posted on the Internet and hired job sites for inviting suitable candidates from all over the world to apply against the specified job opportunity in the company. This offers a wide spectrum of choice for selecting the right candidate to match the job profile.

11Selection Process

The selection procedure usually consists of two steps – Preliminary interview and final interview. These selection methods may be used depending on the requirement of the job for which the selection is being done.

HR Department will conduct the preliminary interview. The candidate may be called for the interview either by telephone or emails. The purpose of this interview is to further shortlist candidates by rating them on factors like personal appearance, qualification, communication, family background, experience in the related field, general attitude & capability of taking responsibility etc.

11The interview/selection process will be as follows

The panel makes an order of merit and record comments about each candidate by using the Interview Assessment Form.

The HR Head is required to ensure consistency in the selection standards i.e. age, group, nature and extent of practical experience and salary expectations vis-à-vis other comparable positions within the company as also comparative position in similar companies and within the industry.

11 Reference Check

Reference check is normally done on the candidates to test the validity of their statement positions etc. & to know about the person’s general attitude, capability & past record from his previous employer/employers, friends & professional HR. In the reference check if the candidate is found suitable against the criteria, he/she will be selected and terms and conditions of employment will be agreed upon and salary finalization would be done, a fitment will be worked out for the candidate in accordance with his/her existing pay package and expectations. The fitment will include a comparative analysis of the package of employee at similar level and functions within the company and the industry.

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