In the rapidly changing and dynamic world of modern infrastructure, where transformation and sustainability are critical, one name stands out, Late Shri Pashupatinath Ji Dokania, who founded Balajee Group in year 1995.

Under his management Mr. Mukesh Dokania, Mr. Manish Dokania, Mr. Manoj Dokania and Mr. Ashish Dokania contributed together to take Balajee Group to new heights. With a resolute commitment to crafting sustainable and future-proof solutions, they have become the driving force behind Balajee Group’s ascent to prominence.



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Building a Legacy of Excellence

Balajee Group has been a leader in the field of Infrastructure Development since its inception in 1995, under the leadership of the visionary industrialist, Late Shri Pashupatinath ji Dokania. The group has a wealth of experience, expertise, and dedication to excellence, which has been reflected in its portfolio of significant projects, which span a wide range of sectors, including Roads & highways and Aviation, Mining and Concrete and Aggregates supply, as well as Building and Architectural works. With its past collaborations with prominent industry players, BICPL has the necessary expertise and knowledge to meet the complex requirements of Infrastructure.

We are Balajee Group, moving towards a constructive future.

Our journey started from 1995 with mining work at Jamnagar Refinery, which is today the largest single greenfield refinery in the world, thanks to the contract awarded by construction giant Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

As India’s economy started to open and the Government of India started moving towards making India a global power, the journey advanced further as the Balajee group recognized enormous prospects in the infrastructure sectors of the nation and expanded its footprints in different segments of the industries such as Aviation, Surface Transportation, Mining and Crushing, Buildings, Ready Mix Concrete, Industrial, and Specialized works. Balajee Group was fortunate enough to be associated with some of the prominent projects of India, completing the projects one after another.

Balajee Group is equipped with the essential skills and understanding to handle the intricate demands of infrastructure. Balajee group strongly believes in nation building and will be proud to stand side by side for India to achieve its dreams.


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